Original Vintage Parquet Flooring

With the different flooring possibilities, hardwood floors may appear as an costly option. However, hardwood floors remains the best option in getting an area that’s clean and safe with low maintenance.

Considering the general existence of the parquet flooring, the advantages of wooden flooring over-shadow the first cost.

Safe & Clean

Among the greatest benefits of hardwood flooring is the fact that hardwood floors is really a more sanitary option than other floor types. When considering carpet versus. hardwood, enough dust, germs along with other debris get made available to carpeting fibers. With hardwood floors, there’s room for debris to cover, creating a wholesome, safer living atmosphere, specifically for allergy sufferers.

Low Maintenance

Generally, hardwood flooring are more expensive than carpeted floors, they also require less maintenance. Because hardwood flooring are usually sealed surfaces having a protective layer of finish, wood flooring tend to be more stain resistant kinds of flooring.

One benefit of hardwood flooring is they could be repaired and refinished. Hardwood flooring get crawled, scratched, scuffed, dented and broken – particularly in high traffic areas. However, wooden flooring can most frequently just be sanded, smoothed and refinished. It’s rarely essential to replace a wood floor.


An additional advantage of flooring parquet may be the ecological factor. Wooden flooring is easily the most abundantly renewable flooring available. The U.S. Forest Service claims that the annual internet growth for hardwoods is more than the typical annual removal rate. Which means that trees are increasing quicker than you have used them today.

Wood flooring also employ less water and to create and could be recycled in the finish of the existence cycle, which makes it an very sustainable product. Thinking about the variations in producing carpet versus. hardwood, carpet uses more man-made materials to create and it is given more chemicals than hardwood. Also, hardwood not just brings beauty and cost to some home, however it can truly serve you for a lifetime while carpet must be replaced every 10-fifteen years.

Freelance Translators: How to Stay Motivated

There are advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelance translator, one of them (which can be advantage or disadvantage) is to organize the way in which we use our time.

Distractions in our work environment can include from the TV to a simple package of cookies. Our team – the same tool we use for work – very often is the source of the largest number of distractions: social networks, our favorite sites, the latest news… any of our interests will find a way of slipping away to distract us. For those who are used to working in a corporate environment, with working hours fixed, a code of dress and periodic assessments of performance, the freedom to choose their own hours of work, wear pajamas and not be accountable to anyone It may sound like a dream come reality. However, the fact is without these incentives the self-employed are sometimes rudderless in a storm, with concessions that become habits that are not only harmful to productivity that also become increasingly hard to change. This not only can adversely affect performance, you can also have the same detrimental effect on the quality of our translations… and this is the path to the professional doom. To delay the start of a translation project we have on our agenda, we are reducing the time that we have to face and solve the unexpected challenges that affect the project (such as the translation of a particularly difficult term or a failure unexpected computer), and also wasting time that could be used for another project, or even to promote our services and gain more and better clients. If we do not schedule our working time nor we program our leisure time.

Then how can we motivate us to be productive and to ensure us time for personal activities?

1 to whom madruga, God help you. Yes, you can work in the evening or at night, millions make it around the world, but you need to start with your work, not postpone it (remember that we are talking about motivation), so do not pay attention to that voice in your head that tells you “only half an hour and I wake up”. Take advantage of that time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast (thus hunger will not you distract later) and plan your day (a thorough planning means less chance of losing the focus). If you can manage to wake up half an hour earlier every day of the year, you’ll get a week’s time. Imagine what you can do with that week (and the money that you win)… so get up and start your day early!

  1. Clothing. This means changing your Pajamas for something that you vestirías to leave your House (and we hope it isn’t your pyjamas!). Believed that what you dress affects our way of acting, a “professional work clothing” is not required but a garment that makes you feel like a pro that is focused on work.
  2. Speaking of sleep … If the pyjamas down your motivation, work in bed will kill it completely. Even working in the same room used to sleep can affect it, therefore, if you have room, is another place to work. If you don’t have it, try to find a way to keep the bed out of sight while you’re sitting at your desk, and orient the desktop in another direction, or put a division between desk and bed.
  3. Get your day programming and comply with it. This means that you must set your office hours, and those are the hours in which you will work. It organizes the work you’ll do during the day, whether a translation project, the updating of a glossary, invoicing or promotion of your service.
  4. Reward yourself. Find a reward that motivates you: watch your favorite series, going to the gym, take tea with friends. Write it in your calendar at a specific time and then works with the goal of finishing your work so that you can stop and enjoy your “prize” without guilt or pressure.
  5. Restrict the time for social networking, both professional and personal. If you have finished a translation, program a few minutes for your professional social network accounts. You can dedicate yourself to them when you don’t have a project to completion. You should see your personal accounts (and services of WhatsApp messages) in your personal time.
  6. Take a walk. This is the advice that really takes you away from your desk. In addition to reducing stress, there are studies showing that a walk outside the work environment can boost creativity and concentration, two important factors in the realization of a translation. So salt by a breath of fresh air and renovated back to your work.
  7. Finally, make connections. You are not alone! Lack of motivation is something that many independent translators have experienced at one time or another of his career. There are even applications that will help you to avoid distractions, eliminate indecision, increase productivity, and reduce the possibility of fatigue: To mighty, YAPA and Action Ally are just some.