Original Vintage Parquet Flooring

With the different flooring possibilities, hardwood floors may appear as an costly option. However, hardwood floors remains the best option in getting an area that’s clean and safe with low maintenance.

Considering the general existence of the parquet flooring, the advantages of wooden flooring over-shadow the first cost.

Safe & Clean

Among the greatest benefits of hardwood flooring is the fact that hardwood floors is really a more sanitary option than other floor types. When considering carpet versus. hardwood, enough dust, germs along with other debris get made available to carpeting fibers. With hardwood floors, there’s room for debris to cover, creating a wholesome, safer living atmosphere, specifically for allergy sufferers.

Low Maintenance

Generally, hardwood flooring are more expensive than carpeted floors, they also require less maintenance. Because hardwood flooring are usually sealed surfaces having a protective layer of finish, wood flooring tend to be more stain resistant kinds of flooring.

One benefit of hardwood flooring is they could be repaired and refinished. Hardwood flooring get crawled, scratched, scuffed, dented and broken – particularly in high traffic areas. However, wooden flooring can most frequently just be sanded, smoothed and refinished. It’s rarely essential to replace a wood floor.


An additional advantage of flooring parquet may be the ecological factor. Wooden flooring is easily the most abundantly renewable flooring available. The U.S. Forest Service claims that the annual internet growth for hardwoods is more than the typical annual removal rate. Which means that trees are increasing quicker than you have used them today.

Wood flooring also employ less water and to create and could be recycled in the finish of the existence cycle, which makes it an very sustainable product. Thinking about the variations in producing carpet versus. hardwood, carpet uses more man-made materials to create and it is given more chemicals than hardwood. Also, hardwood not just brings beauty and cost to some home, however it can truly serve you for a lifetime while carpet must be replaced every 10-fifteen years.